Every good real estate agent currently has an aggressive, content marketing plan in place. People are increasingly using the web to define their purchasing goals, develop a better feel for local markets and identify the best properties in their targeted neighborhoods. Articles and blogs can be used by agents to establish industry authority, garner trust and form relationships with people who have opted to start the purchasing process online. Rather than merely publishing these works on your own website or blog, or any niche-specific, third-party platforms, you should also be using real estate CRM to notify buyers and sellers of all posts that are ideally-suited to their current interests via targeted emails.

Update Buyers And Sellers On Changing Market Expectations

The expectations for existing construction are constantly increasing. Most investors expect homes to have windows, heating and cooling systems and lighting designs that are energy-efficient. In fact, smart home technologies are fast-becoming the industry standard. With real estate IXACT CRM, you'll be able to route content pertaining to high-value home improvements to the former clients who need it most. This system will show you which of your past customers have been in their homes for five or more years. It will then be possible to generate communications on the five-year anniversaries of your past property sales that include links to relevant article and blogs.

Staying in touch with past buyers and providing valuable information is a great way to gain referrals from these individuals. These efforts will also give people they nudge they need for keeping their properties modernised and up to date. When these homeowners get ready to sell, not only will they be more likely to sign on for your services again, but they'll also have their homes in a marketable condition.

Link Your Real Estate CRM Tool To Your Opt-In Campaigns

Beyond helping you keep in touch with former clients, your real estate CRM software can also help you draw new leads in. Crafting and managing an opt-in campaign takes time. With these resources, however, all of the provided contact information for new subscribers will be automatically saved in your contact folder along with any pertinent details pertaining to buyer or seller interests and needs. Each time you publish a new article or blog, you can include the option to opt-in for regular e-mail updates. This is one of the fastest and most effective to align yourself with new and qualified leads.

Study Market Interests And Behaviors Before Writing Your Next Piece

The surest way to increase interest in your content marketing campaigns is by tailoring your works to the most common needs and interests within your targeted market. Your real estate CRM software is far more than a digital phone book. It is also a highly sophisticated and organised database that can be used to identify spending habits, trends and interests. When you make your subject matter data-driven, you will invariably see your readership expand.

Supplying needs-specific information will additionally give you clout as an industry expert. Timely and helpful data engenders trust from online audiences across all industries. In this way, real estate CRM can significantly enhance the benefits that your current content marketing campaign is providing.