Customer relationship management (CRM) is a general concept that describes all of the interactions and communications between a business and their customers. Decades ago, companies relied on letters, phone calls and meetings to develop a relationship with their clients. However, social media, mobile technology and widespread internet accessibility has changed that completely. It's now far more difficult to keep track of all of the points where customers come into contact with an organization or brand.

Common CRM Challenges Faced by Realtors

A single real estate agent may meet with dozens of clients for multiple property showings in a week. They also communicate with them through text message, phone calls, emails and in person during showings, which is a lot of information to keep track of on a daily basis. Things can get even more complicated if multiple agents deal with a single customer, since they need keep each other up to date at all times.

Realtors often have at least a few local competitors, so agencies need to respond to potential clients quickly to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Missing a single call or email, even if you respond a day or two later, can cost you a lucrative sale. Marketing automation includes notification and reminder features, which cuts down on missed communications from clients.

Why Consider Software Automation for CRM?

There are many software as a service (SaaS) solutions available on the market, with some designed specifically for real estate professionals. The core purpose of this kind of service is to gather all client information, including sales and marketing data, so it can be accessed through a single interface. These programs track all communications to and from each customer, as well as their history of interactions with the agency.

Automation software integrates many aspects of customer service and public relations as well, including social media profiles and support ticket requests submitted online. It stores all of this information in the cloud, so agents are up to speed when they connect clients. This cuts down on time spent searching for physical files or trying to call another agent to figure out what happened the week before.

Expenses and Setup for Marketing Automation Software

While CRM services often offer a limited free trial of their product, most of them charge a monthly subscription fee that ranges based on the membership plan. Cost is usually correlated with the number of maximum users allowed to access the system. Fortunately, software services are relatively easy to setup and require little maintenance for users. Once communication channels and databases are uploaded to the program, all new information can be stored and accessed through a simple interface. For additional resources, visit the IXACT Contact website.