CRM is one of the top programs used by companies who want to manage their leads and improve customer service. Customer relationship management is software that can be used by real estate professionals, too. When you use the right program, it can help with a number of tasks.

#1: Manage Leads
You need to know when new leads come in. It will allow you to reach out to them to find out what their needs are. Many real estate agents don't follow up with leads in a timely fashion. This leads them to go out and find another agent to work with.

By using IXACT CRM, you can be notified each time you receive a new lead.

#2: Send Emails
A lot of emails have to be sent within your business. These will be to leads, to existing clients, and more. It's a time-consuming process. However, you can use automated software to do a lot of the work for you.

You will be able to set up all of the emails to send automatically after one day, two days, or other time frames once people join your database.

#3: Manage Clients
If all goes well, you will have a lot of clients that need to be managed. As you convert leads to clients, you need to have various details on them. Additionally, you need to know what they want, what makes them unique, and how you're helping them.

The database can be part of the CRM program, allowing you to have access to client information at all times. You can log into the cloud to get it while you're in the field.

#4: Manage Properties
You will have a lot of properties that you are listing. It's important to know where they are. Geotags will allow you to pull up all of the homes on a map to see what communities and neighborhoods you are in. The database can also have a lot of details on the homes. It will make it easier to manage that is going on with all of them so you can answer questions as they come up.

#5: Answer Inquiries
Periodically, leads or clients will ask you a question. The CRM program will notify you of an inquiry so you can make the contact quickly. Additionally, all the information you need to answer a question will be inside the program. Since it's cloud-based, you can get the info at any time in order to answer the questions quickly.

#6: Follow-Up with Leads
The software tools will allow you to see what leads you have contacted and what leads have not been contacted. It ensures you communicate with everyone to improve your conversion rate. It will allow you to operate more effectively and nurture all of the leads so that they are more likely to become clients. It will be what allows you to be more successful with your real estate business.

When you can automate tasks and have more information at your fingertips, your job gets easier. It's all a matter of finding the right CRM program to use.